Less Yes
More Integrity
Less Quantity
More Quality
Less Complacency
More Interrogation
Less Acceptance
More Research
Less Repetition
More Originality
Less Narrow
More Wide
Less Laziness
More Ambition
Less Loose
More Rigour
Less Fashion
More Substance
Less Apathy
More Passion
Less Complication
More Consideration
Less Haste
More Time
Less Separate
More Holistic
Less Ornamentation
More Longevity
Less Assumption
More Understanding
Less Conventional
More Alternative
Client Private
Stage Concept
Location County Durham, UK

For this former public convenience, we were set a brief to provide an alternative to the local grocery / delicatessen store.

Our proposal opens-up the modest floor area, offering a flexibility of related uses; curated general store, café, bar, eclectic events, pop-up street food, while retaining a passion for the provenance and celebration of the produce sold.

Having researched the yaoya (八百屋) – Japan’s greengrocer equivalent, a key finding was the subliminal power of the attractive and quality produce on display. Consequently, a restrained palette of materials and minimalist backdrops are applied – allowing products and activities to ‘pop’ within their surroundings.

A new transparent and inviting frontage, whereby diverse people and produce enhance the streetscape, emphasises the positive social atmosphere intended by the project. The brick pier reveals accommodate external bench seating and bespoke external food display fittings. The central glazed window accommodates a vertical bi-fold for opening during warm weather, further strengthening the buildings newly introduced active frontage.

A clear sightline to the rear counter enables easy access for customers on the move. For those wishing to sit back, enjoy company over a drink or food, there are several seating types to choose from that make efficient and effective use of the space.

Public Re-convenience