Less Yes
More Integrity
Less Quantity
More Quality
Less Complacency
More Interrogation
Less Acceptance
More Research
Less Repetition
More Originality
Less Narrow
More Wide
Less Laziness
More Ambition
Less Loose
More Rigour
Less Fashion
More Substance
Less Apathy
More Passion
Less Complication
More Consideration
Less Haste
More Time
Less Separate
More Holistic
Less Ornamentation
More Longevity
Less Assumption
More Understanding
Less Conventional
More Alternative


ALT STUDIOS is an independent design practice. We are meticulous and unconventional — continually challenging ourselves, collaborators and preconceptions across all aspects of our creative service. Our ethos is to passionately experiment and identify alternative approaches and outcomes which go beyond expectation in all our projects.

ALT STUDIOS was founded in 2020 by Paul Milner and Scott Savin, with a genuine desire to maintain a point of difference in a growing world of homogeneous approaches and soulless solutions by providing an alternative to the mainstream. We are a driven team specialising in, but not limited to, high quality, design-led architecture and bespoke interiors. We create experiences — influenced by a curiosity in context, lifestyle and culture. We help transform people’s lives and businesses through carefully crafted design, grounded in rigorous research and a devotion to detail.

Our perspective sits somewhere between manifesto, accumulated professional life–learnings and the guidelines for which we conduct our practice. Expand a topic to learn more.

Question Everything

Questions and thoughtful answers foster smoother and more-effective interactions, they strengthen rapport and trust, and lead you and the design team toward discovery. We regard conversation as a dance that requires partners to be in sync — a mutual push-and-pull that unfolds over time.

Be Invested

We regard clients as collaborators and actively seek inspiration; we are interested in your identity. Personal creativity and organisational innovation rely on a willingness to seek out novel information; every angle of approach could be key — we undertake experiential engagement exercises; from participating in your daily activities and processes to camping on site!

Take Time

We are not a design shop with off-the-shelf soulless solutions, therefore do not expect quick fixes; genuine design is a rich and often lengthy process. If a design has not been built up slowly, layered in thought and craft, it lacks weight and denies the ability to mark time, to deepen your experience.

Remain Dedicated

We provide a dedicated project lead and design lead from inception to completion, regardless of project size. Due to our close-knit working environment your project will receive focused input from our driven team of unconventional thinkers during weekly internal design reviews.

Stay Fresh

We do not solely rely upon external design commissions to function — this allows us to be discerning with the projects we select in order to adhere to our ethos and practice what we preach for your benefit. This enables us to avoid operation with an overstretched team, whereby projects are passed between several designers without the care and attention your investment deserves.

Look Harder

We work to an open-minded practice ethos, not only from a design and technological perspective but culturally too. We are curious, craving wonder by engaging in passionate search. For us wonder underpins all imagination, empathy, and deep interest in anything beyond self.

Always Appropriate

We primarily support a return to craft for robust and refined heartfelt results from likeminded trades of the profession. We continue to expand our network of collaborators and recommended suppliers to ensure you receive the highest quality service and products appropriate for your project.

31-39 High Bridge, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 1EW
+44 (0)191 511 1832 info@alt-studios.com