Less Yes
More Integrity
Less Quantity
More Quality
Less Complacency
More Interrogation
Less Acceptance
More Research
Less Repetition
More Originality
Less Narrow
More Wide
Less Laziness
More Ambition
Less Loose
More Rigour
Less Fashion
More Substance
Less Apathy
More Passion
Less Complication
More Consideration
Less Haste
More Time
Less Separate
More Holistic
Less Ornamentation
More Longevity
Less Assumption
More Understanding
Less Conventional
More Alternative
Client Sedbergh School
Stage Concept
Location Sedbergh, Cumbria, UK

Having identified an overlooked opportunity site from Sedbergh School’s development framework, we were commissioned to establish potential uses and a building concept for the restricted site.

The proposal evolved into a high-spec hospitality pavilion characterised by mainly indigenous materials, hues and textures; grounded by planes of reclaimed local dry-stone walling, sandwiched by a contrasting crisp concrete plinth and coping; the understated lower-level sets apart a lightweight, timber lattice-clad viewing box; the primary social space for both day and evening events. This focal and inviting upper floor deceivingly floats above the dry-stone walling below by virtue of the clerestory glazing; visually connected by a penetrating, rough-sawn formwork concrete chimney breast serving an outdoor fire. This, coupled with the smooth pre-cast concrete outdoor bench-seating and generous balcony above, diversify the external gathering areas.

Internally, a simple, natural material palette and rigorous internal grid are employed to create a calming space. The timber structure, joinery and raw clay plaster wall finishes provide a neutral, tactile backdrop, whilst breathing warmth into the heart of the hospitality suite. The dominant application of oak wall panelling echoes the stateliness and dignity of many historic buildings within and beyond the pavilion grounds.

Hospitality Pavilion