Less Yes
More Integrity
Less Quantity
More Quality
Less Complacency
More Interrogation
Less Acceptance
More Research
Less Repetition
More Originality
Less Narrow
More Wide
Less Laziness
More Ambition
Less Loose
More Rigour
Less Fashion
More Substance
Less Apathy
More Passion
Less Complication
More Consideration
Less Haste
More Time
Less Separate
More Holistic
Less Ornamentation
More Longevity
Less Assumption
More Understanding
Less Conventional
More Alternative
Client deadgood
Stage Concept

We were approached by distinguished, ‘Made in Britain’ furniture brand, deadgood to reimagine the commercial workspace without desks; while responding to the increasing desire for high-quality environments which contribute to the recruitment and retention of staff. The brief also required the interior space to demonstrate the diversity and flexibility of their new modular furniture range and its ability to positively contribute to a more holistic work environment.

Our design addresses market demands, as well as deliberately creating an a-typical workspace and atmosphere — leaning towards the movement of hotelization which sees home comforts, casual dress codes, real planting and soft furnishings contrast with crisp aesthetics. Research implies hotelization started from tech CEOs working out of beautiful hotel foyers, raising their expectations of the office experience and a desire to bestow such upon their employees.

The internal space with its calming architectural material palette evokes a private members club, with pride and exclusivity to match — yet functionally it nurtures culture, community and learning; established by the architectural design and heightened by the versatility of the ReWork range it houses.

The ReWork range, designed by David Irwin was launched to great acclaim during Clerkenwell 2022 and the resulting visual collateral supported deadgood’s continued expansion internationally.

A Deadgood Workspace